Steel SW in his quest to add more lines of business, makes important alliance with DFPS important company of Indian origin in boiler manufacturing This apropos of Geert Roggeman visit to India

Steel SW & Jindal SAW present like sponsor for “Connected World Heritage and Civilizations” In the picture below Mr. Prader Kapur India Embassador & Geert Roggeman of Steel SW

Steel SW and  her represented Jindal SAW awarded pipeline of 36 ” diameter with a length of 150 km (47,000 tons), Sierra Gorda project in the north of Chile.

Steel SW and  her represented Jindal SAW & Ratnamani awarded pipeline  of diferente diameters with a length of 200 km (28,000 tons), Contugas project in PerúWith this Steel SW, remains a premium provider of major projects that are being generated in the South American

As part of a renewed strategy Steel SW, launches its new website highlighting all its business lines, in addition to the already recognized pipe: Jindal SAW and Ratnamani from India; Structures and Towers of AIC from Saudi Arabian Other lines of business: fitting, iron construction, equipment and conduits