Steel SW awarded the pipeline supply for Escondida Through his represented of Indian origin Jindal SAW, Steel SW provided pipe for EWS Escondida Water System, (BHP Billiton with Bechtel EPC contractor), this provision means more than 100,000 tons of pipes 42 “and includes a length exceeding 320 kilometers This award represents a consolidation of Steel SW and Jindal SAW […]

As part of strengthening trade relations with Jindal SAW and also the visit of BHP Billiton and Bechtel manager to Jindal SAW plants in USA (Baytown) and Mundra, CEO of Steel SW, Geert Roggeman meets manager and CEO Mr. Prithvi Jindal & Mr. Geert Roggeman W., Baytown USA Mr. O.P. Jindal Founder of Jindal Holding Ministery […]

Steel SW and Jindal SAW are present with the allocation of important pipeline: The OGP – 1 project of BHP Billiton, managed by Bechtel, contemplating an several variety of diameters

Steel SW and Jindal SAW are present with the allocation of important pipeline: Las Bambas of Xstrata, managed by Bechtel, contemplating 7 km / 834 Ton / 30” & 36” diameters

Steel SW in his quest to add more lines of business, makes important alliance with DFPS important company of Indian origin in boiler manufacturing This apropos of Geert Roggeman visit to India