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If you are thinking about the position of your product or service in America, is time to start thinking in Steel SW
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Steel SW is an excellent way to manage business, which provides:

  • High commercial capacity.
  • High level of contact in areas of Engineering, construction & operations.
  • Strong presence in areas of energy, infrastructure, social, retail.
  • Experience & Professionalism (MBA with more than 33 years in the market). ü Knowledge of ways of doing business in Latin America (idiosyncrasy).
  • English, Portuguese & Spanish.
  • Reliability and Ethics.
  • Experience in the Asian and European markets.
  • Focus on Project Integration.

Ms. Michelle Bachellet President of Chile.

Mr. Geert Roggeman CEO of Steel SW.

Mr. Sajin Jindal CEO of Jindal South West.

Presidential trip, Mumbai, India, March 2009.
Geert Roggeman was part of the presidential entourage.