Steel SW and  her represented Ratnamani awarded pipeline  of 8 ” diameter with a length of 216 km (10,000 tons), Las Bambas project in the Peruvian Andes, this project is managed by Bechtel
With this Steel SW, remains a premium provider of major projects that are being generated in the South American

Steel SW in this major exhibition of Mining, has a visit from his distinguished presence of the Ambassador of India Mr. Prader Kapur

Presentation & Pictures


Steel SW is present in different directories like the one by the Belgian Chilean Chamber, see attached

Directorio April 2010

Directorio 2 April 2010

In Buenos Aires, Argentina took place the 24th World Gas Conference (WGC), October 5 @ 9 of 2009 where Jindal SAW is presented with her representation: Steel SW. The executive: Vikas Chandra & Saurabh Nalwaya of Jindal SAW Geert Roggeman W. of Steel SW Conf. Gas Argentina 1 Conf Argentina 2 Conf Argentina 3

From September 2009 began the process of commercialization of solar panels  through the represnatción of QCells, German company global leading in the production of this technology

Octubre 2009    Energiatec



Steel SW  in Latin America projects

Steel SW  is a company whose mission is to provide technical, commercial support to the investment projects industry and capital goods as also the operational to the Latin American market. Geert Roggeman, General Manager, says that this new commercial technical plataform management companies allow solid reputation and long history be present in the Latin American context

September 1 - 2009

Steel SW  presents new technical and commercial management platform

Septiembre 2 - 2009


Jindal SAW  meets with his client: Anglo American  in Chile

Jindal SAW, Indian company and the largest producer in the world in carbon steel pipes, provided the pipes that will be used in the pipeline for the project Los Bronces controlled by Anglo American.

As part of a tour of Latin America countries, Rahul Dev Sharma of Jindal SAW  met Felipe Cuadra and Hernán Gomez of Anglo American, Jindal SAW is a company that has over 30 years experience. Through Steel SW   representative is present in large mining and energy projects of the region. The Undertaker has the certification: ISO 9000, 14000, 18000, API, Shell present throughout the world market.

agosto 2009


Anglo American executives visiting India Jindal SAW

As part of a close relationship and collaboration with suppliers globally, Anglo American  visit to the facilities of Jindal SAW  in India. One of the leaders of supply Chain of Anglo American Susan Lasecki-Coiro, along with some of his colleagues, seen Jindal SAW, supplier of pipes project in Chile’s Bronzes pipeline. The Indian company Jindal SAW is a world leader in the market for carbon steel pipes

julio 2009

Jindal SAW  through its representative Steel SW  awarded Los Pelambres pipeline project, that considers 150 km long, 28” Diameter, 36,000 ton. The EPC project is under control of Bechtel